Home Automation

Take control of your home and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a working parent or a weary traveler, you can be away from home and still know everything’s OK.

HomeTouch puts you in complete control of your home – your security system, your thermostat, even your appliances – no matter where you are.

  • Arm or disarm your security system from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Get email or text alerts when your child returns home from school
  • Open your home to specific people at specific times
  • Remotely control your locks and manage your lights and thermostats to save money
zwave components required.

Remote Home Management Gives You Options

In the old days, home security systems were referred to simply as “burglar alarms.” These days, home security systems do so much more. In addition to monitoring for burglary, fire and carbon monoxide, a modern system monitored by Monitronics also offers an impressive list of remote home management options using HomeTouch.

Remote home management gives you access to your security system from almost anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and your computer, smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re at work for the day or halfway around the world on business or pleasure, your home security system is always within reach.

Your home is more secure because you can arm or disarm your system remotely. You can open your home at selected times to allow expected guests in. You can even use HomeTouch home automation to remotely control your lighting, thermostats, and locks – saving energy and giving you more freedom in your lifestyle. Your home is just a touch away.

Remote home management with HomeTouch is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. With a little practice, you can control many aspects of your home security system without having to be anywhere near your security panel. How’s that for maximum control?