Business Security

Business Security Systems

As a business owner, you recognize that unexpected trouble can fall upon your company. At any time, your business could be vulnerable to internal and external theft.

Alpha Omega Security and Monitronics can put a stop to that concern.

Our state-of-the-industry monitored business alarm systems supported by one of the nation’s leading monitoring centers, and direct links to law-enforcement and emergency authorities near your business.

We are devoted to provided excellent equipment and Monitronics provides you with consistent monitoring, rapid response, top-tier communications, and incident resolution, 24 hours a day.

Small Business Security System Solutions

A security system at your business that triggers an intrusion siren isn’t enough.

A Monitronics business security system – supported by around-the-clock alarm monitoring service – gives your business the protection it needs.

Whether you’re at your business or if it’s after hours, Monitronics gives you the confidence of knowing an organization is prepared and dedicated to quick response when police, fire, or medical assistance is needed.

Why 24/7 Monitored Business Alarm Systems Are Better

Monitoring deters criminal activity.

FBI statistics show that a business with a monitored security system is 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized.

Alarm monitoring also maximizes your commercial security system’s value. With accurate emergency information at their fingertips, professional operators quickly determine your needs and send help. It takes just seconds for Monitronics to notify the appropriate emergency service.

Professional security monitoring greatly reduces expensive and wasteful false alarms. False alarms can trigger costly fines – not to mention, pull emergency professionals away from real crises and the inconvenience for you.

Monitronics advanced Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification allows for fast and comprehensive verification procedures.

That’s business, more secure.